20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea

Las Vegas
Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant
Available for Reservations

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a wild, fun, aggressively experiential dining spectacle that delivers on the ticket price. The restaurant has just one or two seatings a night (Thursday-Saturday) at a communal table for 12 people inside AREA 15's Lost Spirits Distillery, where booze is a tourist attraction. Rum and other spirits are featured prominently in the recipes, often uncooked, so take it easy on the sparkling rum. Everyone enjoys the same 16-course tasting menu based on the Jules Verne novel that shares the restaurant’s name. That means a heavy focus on proteins from land and sea. Fatty slices of Japanese bluefin otoro (soaked in strawberry rum) join Tazmanian white sturgeon caviar atop savory chicken and herb baklava. A "whale" course is actually Japanese A5 Wagyu with toasted black sesame, a grape rum sauce, and your own mini-harpoon. The showstopper is a whole-roasted pig, carved and served from an altar in dramatic fashion.

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