9:30 Club DC
Jeff Martin

9:30 Club

Washington DC
Music Venue

Part iconic music venue, and part relentless party haven, D.C.'s 9:30 club is something to behold. The dual-floored space often approaches its 1,200 person capacity, packing its ground floor as well as its wrap-around balcony. Everyone (who's anyone) from Bob Dylan and The Beastie Boys, to Adele and deadmau5 has walked 9:30's stage, while on performer-less nights, the venue hosts a DJ (complete with a light show), instantly converting the audience standing room into a spirited dance floor. You can't sit down (but maybe you can crowd surf), the music is deafeningly loud (but always good), and there is a dive bar tucked into the corner of the main floor (which doubles as a convenient make out cave). The place even has a rewards program for drinks, tickets, and merch to honor its most dedicated regulars.

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