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Ammatoli is the Long Beach spinoff of owners and chef Dima and Sam Habibeh’s Hermosa Beach-based restaurant, Beirut Mix. With Ammatoli, chef Dima has outdone herself with Levantine cuisine that originates from Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine—and the brunch menu is no exception. Whether you’re craving Shakshouka with eggs poached in tomato stew, or Levantine Chilaquiles, each dish evokes a home-cooked meal. There’s also shawarma, manoushe, and flatbreads, as well as Musakhan Chicken—a classic Palestinian dish with sauteed onions and pine nuts served alongside a cucumber and yogurt salad. Ammatoli’s tiled walls and long leather banquettes are reminiscent of a Parisian cafe, complete with fresh flowers on every table.
How to order: Walk-ins welcome. Order online for pickup and delivery.

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This Eastern Med eatery in the LBC centers around cuisine from Syria, Cypress, Turkey, and Lebanon, and is offering the same three-courser whether you come in for lunch or dinner. Start light with a choice of three soups or go more decadent with Fried Cauliflower with olive oil dressing and tahini or Mediterranean Fries doused with parm, feta, lemon, garlic, and cilantro. Entrée options include a duo of Kebabs (chicken, kafta, ribeye, lamb, or shrimp are all available) served with rice and salad; Freekeh with rotisserie chicken; or a massive Mezza Platter. For dessert, go for either the house-baked Baklawa with ice cream or the signature Knafeh—shredded phyllo dough baked with sweet cheese and topped with orange blossom syrup.
The deal: $45 for a three-course lunch or dinner.
What to order: Green Lentil Soup, Lamb Skewers, and Knafeh for dessert.

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Specializing in Levantine cuisine that hails from the Eastern Mediterranean sea region known as the Levant, Ammatoli spans flavors from Syria, Cypress, Lebanon, and Turkey with a fresh, vegetable-forward menu. Start with the mezzas section made up of different dips and spreads, including several hummus options, baba ghannouj, a roasted beets labne, and grilled halloumi served with watermelon slices. From there, level up with kebabs and entrees that include a falafel plate and a Moroccan spiced salad, or go all out with a family-style kebab feast. There is also the first-rate rotisserie chicken dinner, which features a juicy, flavor-packed bird with your choice of two sides. For brunch, Ammatoli gets creative with Levantine Chilaquiles, with baked pita, cooked fava beans, green tomatillo sauce, and topped with farm-fresh fried eggs sprinkled with sumac seasoning, although Chef Dima’s shakshouka served with Gusto sourdough bread is also worthy of your attention. Pair that with a pot of freshly brewed Middle Eastern black tea (serves four to five people) or bottomless mimosas.
How to book: online.

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