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Sep 1, 2020

Where to Eat in Pittsburgh Right Now

The gist: Casual, comfortable Apteka focuses on central and eastern European foods, such as the beloved Pittsburgh pierogi. But you won’t find their pillowy dumplings stuffed with any kind of sausage or braised meat -- this Bloomfield spot calls itself a “vegetable restaurant,” meaning that everything is vegan. 
The food: Pierogies stuffed with sauerkraut, mushroom, potato, or spinach, seasonal soups (like chilled beet soup soured with zakwas), vegan sandwiches on cabbage buns, tarts, and cakes baked with stone fruit. Don’t skip their bottled cocktails and their house-made kompot, made from dark sour cherries. 
The cost: Prices change with the menu, typical items are $11-17. Kompot is $4, bottled cocktails are $18-20, wine by the bottle starts at $30. 

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