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Aroma Latin Cocina is a small operation in a quaint strip mall dining room, but it's producing incredibly inspired, beautifully plated cuisine with a strong emphasis on Guatemalan and Peruvian flavors. The restaurant is led by chef Steve Kestler, former executive sous chef at EDO and a veteran of Bazaar Meat and Bouchon. With Aroma, he's carrying out his own vision with astute execution and a devotion to quality ingredients that more than compensates for any lack of flash and style in the setting. The soft, juicy filling of beef, olives, and raisins in the enchilada comes alive against the soft crunch of the dough exterior. A similar balance of textures is felt in the pork belly appetizer with small bites of meat served on crispy plantains with a lightly pickled onion slaw. Most of the entrees mix a variety of elements on one plate; nicely presented and separated to appreciate every bite.

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