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The brainchild of Indonesian-Australian chef Zen Ong, Awan—which means “cloud” in Bahasa—is an homage to his Indonesian roots. After years of recipe experimentation and testing, Ong nailed the formula for a non-dairy ice cream that tastes anything but vegan. The secret? A combination of Indonesian coconut cream and coconut water, which gives each scoop a rich, creamy mouthfeel and gelato-like texture. Made with specially imported Balinese vanilla beans, the original vanilla flavor is a beloved standby at the WeHo takeout counter, but Ong drops new flavors often, always crafted with locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients. Some of his latest releases? Blackberry, bursting with juicy fruit from a producer in San Luis Obispo; mint chip peppered with Valrhona dark chocolate shards and colored green with ceremonial matcha; refreshing, aromatic lemongrass (a customer favorite); and sweet, caramelly gula jawa, named for the unrefined sugar that’s made by collecting the sap from the flowers of a coconut palm tree.

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