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Admittedly not the easiest building to find or access (there’s specific directions on the website about how to get there), the cantina and basement bar is worth the search. A two-story altar to agave spirits, BARCOA Agaveria honors more than just tequila and mezcal. Find bottles of agave-like cousins bacanora, sotol, and raicilla available, too. Upstairs a casual bar with an open-air patio and connected to the next door art gallery is a comfortable spot to spend an afternoon sipping a Vampiro (tequila, sangrita, lime, and orange soda) or Carajillo (Licor 43 with espresso). Meanwhile, downstairs the basement bar sports cozy corner tables and a large bar where you can peruse the lengthy menu of rare and hard-to-find agave spirits. Try the Leche de Pistachio with mezcal and house-made pistachio milk or the Campo de Coles made with a red cabbage cordial and charanda, a Michoacan-style rum.

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