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Texas is notoriously dry during the summer months, a fact that can be evidenced by many of the Barton Creek Greenbelt’s most iconic spots right when you need a swimming spot the most. But Campbell’s Hole always comes through for a satisfying dip, even in the most arid of heat waves. The water is about a mile’s stretch from the Barton Springs entrance and just a half-mile off of the Spyglass trailhead.

Know before you go: Reservations are no longer required. Unless you’re planning to hike in off the trail, the swimming hole can be accessed via a residential neighborhood with limited parking.

Where to eat/drink: At the Spyglass trailhead sits Austin institution Tacodeli, praised far and wide for founder Roberto’s famous Brazo Fuerte Queso (gooey cheese layered with guacamole, pico de gallo, and beef picadillo). There’s also a Thom’s Market next door for picnic supplies and beverages.

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