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Feb 19

Where to Eat in Portland, Maine Right Now

The gist: Native Mainer, Amy Fuller and her husband, Chris Deutsch did on-the-ground due diligence in Paris and Rome before opening their gorgeous corner bakery/pizza joint on Munjoy Hill in 2017. 
The food: Expect French-style laminated sweet and savory pastries, buns, and cakes in the day and Roman-style pizza by early eve. Croissants (plain, almond, chocolate, and ham, Dijon, and Gruyere cheese) shatter into beautiful buttery crumbs, galettes are packed with seasonal fruits, and cakes are sweet and decadent. The Roman-style pizza is served by the half or full pie, and comes plain (margherita); topped with ricotta and sweet caramelized onions; or with mozzarella, crispy-edged pepperoni, hot honey and pickled jalapeño. 
The cost: Pastries and cakes go for $4.50-6.50, juices, soda and beer $2.25-6, pizzas $16-30. Great tees, totes, beanies, travel tumblers, and gift cards are also on offer. 
How to order: Order takeout on Square (live for same-day purchases at 7:45am) or visit the onsite walk-up window for in-person orders

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