brooklyn tavern

Brooklyn Tavern

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Brooklyn Tavern

2611 N River Rd

Cosmopolis, WA 98537

Built in the 1920s to service a logging town that straight-up doesn't exist anymore, this ramshackle wooden watering hole is seemingly trapped in time: a simple hand-painted sign welcomes you into a riotous interior where a wood-burning stove provides the only heat and an actual stream runs beneath the bar stools to serve as a spittoon. No, we're not making this up. The walls/ceiling are covered with photos, tools, and other reminders of boomtown long forgotten. Oh, and did we mention the men's room lined with vintage-ish porn? It's 125 miles from both Portland and Seattle, and about 20 miles from... well, anything. But if you're willing to take a detour through the forests of Southwest Washington, it actually makes for a decent stop on your way to a couple of the best beach towns on the West Coast.