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How to donate: All food donations and volunteer efforts are appreciated, those who can’t contribute with donations are welcome to clean (bring your own supplies) and organize any time they are available. Food must include potential allergies, date made (if applicable), and ingredients. Excess donations, should you arrive and the fridge is full, are welcome at The Bowery Mission during open hours, or at The LES Community Fridge. Monetary donations via Venmo or email at
What’s inside: Fruit, veggies, cooking ingredients, dry goods, frozen food, ready meals, snacks like fruit cups or cheese, drinks like individual servings of milk or water. One of the few fridges that allows raw meat (as long as it’s kept in the freezer section). In addition, sometimes items such as books, masks, PPE, and even winter accessories.
A note from its operators: “We aim to be very diverse with our options because the contents are for not just the homeless, but also low income residents who live indoors with the inability to cook, and any situation in between. This is a neighborhood run effort through a large collective throughout NYC, and if you think your neighborhood could use a fridge, let us know and we’ll walk you through how to get that started!”

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