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If there’s one trend we’re noticing recently, it’s that the Valley is now the go-to for standout sushi spots—and this restaurant is one of them. At The Brothers Sushi, their mission is to experiment within the boundaries of the chef’s Japanese heritage while paying homage to California’s bounty. That translates to fresh wasabi from Northern California, sea urchin from Santa Barbara, and dishes like seared toro with pickled, wasabi-marinated ice plant from local favorite Girl & Dug Farm. That said, much of the seasonal fish is from Japan—like barracuda from Tokyo or Hokkaido-hailing cod milt (the sperm sac, which is a delicacy). Although this restaurant has a robust menu with dozens of delicious-sounding apps and desserts, the omakase, offered at $140 or $200, will never lead you astray. Fingers crossed that the day’s set menu includes some dry-aged pieces, like the Japanese-cherry-wood-smoked yellowtail. Westsiders are in luck: The Brothers will open a Santa Monica location early this year.
How to book: Make reservations or order for pickup online or by calling 818-456-4509.

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