Cali Chilli

Long Beach
Indian Restaurant
Available for Reservations

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Curated by Michelin-starred chef Mural Manjunath, this quiet and unassuming restaurant will blow away the toughest critic. Dubbed as an ‘unauthentic Indian’ restaurant, Cali Chilli honors the essence of Indian cuisine by allowing flavors to emerge not through a set pattern of recipes, but by exciting the taste buds to appreciate nuances of aroma, texture, and mouthfeel. The menu explores how one achieves the perfect marriage of culinary influences—particularly evident in dishes like the Cali Chilli Rendang, Eggplant Bharta Lasagna, and Qulfi for a classic dessert with a modern twist. They’ve also got a worthwhile weekend brunch, with intriguing options like Ghee Waffles served with coconut chutney and a Bacon Naan Wrap.

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