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Chef Kenny Chye has championed vegan cuisine for years in Las Vegas, frequently exploring new ways to prepare Asian cuisine with plant-based ingredients. His latest concept, Chef Kenny's Vegan Dim Sum (west of the Strip on Flamingo Road) gives Chye a large dining room with an indoor gazebo and water feature to compliment an ambitious menu. Soy, tofu, fruits, and vegetables, including roots and mushrooms, are used in place of chicken, beef, pork and even shrimp, producing satisfying spins on har gau, potstickers, and other dim sum dishes without sacrificing flavor. A lineup of sushi rolls is nearly as good, especially a dragon roll that somehow still works without any eel. An older, smaller restaurant, Chef Kenny's Asian Vegan Restaurant, is next to the Greenland Supermarket in the Koreatown shopping mall and serves a similar array of food.
How to book: Walk in for in-house dining or place an order online for pickup or delivery.

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Chef Kenny Chye is easily one of the primary driving forces behind the Las Vegas vegan movement, having founded Veggie House as well as Vegas’s first vegan drive-through Vegeway (RIP) and his own solo restaurant. And now he brings us Chef Kenny’s Vegan Dim Sum, the first all-vegan dim sum restaurant in Vegas, where he continues to innovate vegan cooking methods and elevate our understanding of what plant-based cuisine can be. Order the vegan shrimp siu mai, steamed or baked BBQ pork buns, and the egg custard tart. Chef Kenny’s Vegan Dim Sum also serves a variety of other favorite Chef Kenny’s items, like spicy kung pao beef with soy beef, vegan sushi, and hand rolls.
How to order: Walk in or make reservations online. Order pickup and delivery online.

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