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If you’re just beginning to familiarize yourself with Chinese cuisine, it’s crucial to remember that the country isn’t a monolith. Flavors, cooking styles, and ingredients can vary wildly from region to region—and when it comes to Fujianese (or Fukienese) cuisine, China Gourmet Restaurant is a prime example of the type of flavors you’ll find around the southeastern reaches of the sprawling nation.

“China Gourmet is a small hole in the wall. It’s hyper-local, with very specific Fukienese cuisine, which has a very particular taste,” notes Moy. “They have a fried chicken wing that’s tossed with a ton of whole red chilis and a spicy sauce—it’s super crunchy and makes for great beer food. They also have a really great pig’s feet soup with corn, the broth is super rich and the pig is so tender. Those two are my go-to dishes there.”

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