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Unlike the other spots included on this list, this streetside fruit market doesn’t have an official name—but in Moy’s opinion, this humble street stall serves as one of the last bastions of the Boston Chinatown of yore.

“There’s a fruit guy that’s right around the corner from Jia Ho, right across from the parking garage on Beach Street. He basically operates out of his minivan, and I get my oranges from him,” says Moy. “I have a personal connection with him as well. He used to be a waiter at China Pearl when I was growing up, and when he got out of the restaurant world he started doing this fruit business. We just don’t see that anymore in Chinatown.”

“Where our barbecue bakery was, there used to be these young guys that had a fruit truck and they’d yell out ‘Oranges! Watermelons! Really good and sweet!’ and they taught me how to sell,” he recalls. “He’s the last of a dying breed. He’s there almost every day, morning to night, selling fruit. He has some cool exotic fruits that he gets from New York, he’ll drive up and bring them back. His name is Kwun. I always love getting my fruit from there—I feel like The Godfather when you’re picking your fruit on the side of the street and putting it in a paper bag and walking home. I try to buy as much fruit from him as I can.”

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