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20 Awesome Meals and Deals to Hit During dineLA Restaurant Week

Treat yourself to an extravagant dinner at celebrated chef Josiah Citrin’s namesake restaurant, but make sure you go with a group so you can taste all of their Restaurant Week offerings, which is technically four courses since it starts with a French-inspired Amuse course featuring corn custard, coconut, lime, and Dungeness crab that’s meant to stimulate your appetite—not that you’ll need help in that regard. Other courses include some of the restaurant’s most popular items like egg caviar with soft-poached egg, whipped cashew, sweet onion, and lemon cream (though you’ll have to fork over a $25 supplement for this famed dish) and lobster bolognese with capellini pasta and brown butter truffle froth.
The deal: $99 four a four-course dinner.
What to order: The Amuse course with corn custard and Dungeness crab, yellowtail hamachi, lobster bolognese, loins of lamb, and dessert pairs chocolate and passionfruit.

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