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Classic diners are a miracle, with good people, cheap coffee, and the right low-key energy to accommodate either post-party wind-downs or the morning after recovery. But there’s one problem—the food at so many legendary places kind of sucks. Not so at Clark Street Diner, the zombie restaurant that climbed out of the grave of 101 Coffee Shop. They’ve kept the decor and vibes intact but upgraded the cooking; now they make their own sausages, the pancakes are perfect every time, the toast is made with Clark Street founder Zach Hall’s bread, and the coffee is not just cheap, it’s good too.
How to order: Walk-ins only.

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There’s nothing like a great diner, and that’s exactly what Hollywood lost when the 101 Coffee Shop closed at the end of 2020. Thankfully, Clark Street Bread’s Zack Hall stepped in and gave the space new life as Clark Street Diner. The decor is just about the same as it was, a symphony in shades of tan, and the menu is mostly intact too, with some minor upgrades in technique and presentation. That means the pancakes are perfectly fluffy, the sausages are made in-house, all the sandwiches come on that killer Clark Street sourdough, and you won’t get any side-eye when you order a Cortado instead of a cup of coffee. There are no late-night hours yet, so you’ll have to get your Hollywood diner fix before 3.
How to book: Walk in, or order ahead via Toast.

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