Clutch Wing Shop, Morgantown

Clutch Wing Shop

Wings Joint
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Clutch Wing Shop

708 Beechchurst Ave

Morgantown, WV 26505

As Morgantown's self-proclaimed "wing delivery experts," this West Virginia eatery has a serious reputation when it comes to chicken wings. Served either on the bone or bone-less, the kitchen marinates slabs of local white-meat in one of 27 different house rubs and glazes (ranging from honey-jalapeño and sweet peach to cinnamon-chipotle and PB&J), fries them up, and delivers them in buckets of 50, each of which is lined with black-and-white checkered wax paper. The little standing room-only joint also serves hefty sandwiches, chili bowls, and overflowing orders of loaded-mac&cheese, but the notoriously creative (and tasty) heaps of fried chicken, glittering with sauce, are, well -- pretty clutch.