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If you have ever waited in the ever-present line at hotspot restaurant, Birdie’s, you may have noticed a cute collection of small bungalow houses across the street. Behind the fence, within those adorable walls, lies wine bar, Cork & Screw, a place where even the most wine-hesitant can find a varietal of their liking. This spot is also a wine shop—their sommeliers can help you select the perfect bottle to show off your pairing prowess at a barbecue—but it would be a serious mistake not to grab a glass to enjoy in their spacious, string-light-decked backyard area. Nestled in nature, you can sip that refreshing Gruner alongside a game of cornhole, and some of the best Asian cuisine in the city courtesy of food truck, Fil N’ Viet. And, if you’re the kind of wine expert who does the swish and sniff before drinking, you can dive even further into the liquid waters by booking an exclusive experience at Cork & Screw’s tasting room.

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