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Crab Corner is a tribute to its owners' Maryland heritage, serving casual seafood in a sports bar atmosphere. That means the Ravens are given priority over the Raiders on TV, but the payoff is Chesapeake Bay-style crabs steamed with Old Bay or Baltimore's J.O. Spice. Choose between male or female blue crabs—the latter is prized for the possibility of eggs inside, but require a lot of work to crack open for relatively minimal reward. You're better off with king, snow, or dungeness crabs, which cost a little extra but supply greater meat. The restaurant also has excellent crab cakes, lightly seasoned with minimal filler, allowing the jumbo lump meat to fall apart easily. Miniature versions are available as an appetizer. Gumbo, clam chowder, and cream of crab are frequently featured as daily soup selections. A meal can get messy at times, which is why each table is covered with brown paper and given a roll of paper towels for napkins. The restaurant also sells Tastykake packages, which pretty much everyone in the Northeast grew up on. If you know, you know.
How to book: Go online to place a reservation or takeaway order.

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