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Crazy Aunt Helen’s

Comfort Food Restaurant

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The gist: Crazy Aunt Helen’s brings a homey, eclectic vibe with Southern flair to the block. The vibe makes it feel as if you’re eating at your auntie’s house, and that means there’s tender love and care built into every dish.
The food: The menu includes family-inspired dishes like Bega’s Brisket, a traditional Jewish-style brisket with horseradish aioli, mashed potatoes, and carrot vichy. In addition to comfort food, the menu reflects seasonal ingredients, as well as vegan options, like a vegan-style crab cake with smoked asparagus, redskin potatoes, and hollandaise sauce. Crazy Aunt Helen’s serves lunch and dinner, and starting this month, will host dinner-and-a-show performances on the second-floor stage.
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