Cregor's Deli

Paso Robles

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There are plenty of lovely wine country restaurants in Paso Robles, the kind of place you can swish a local Rhône-style red blend around in your mouth for double-digit seconds before anyone looks askance at you. Cregor’s is not that kind of place—it’s a liquor store with a deli counter, and an exceedingly casual one at that. What it does have is a big Santa Maria-style grill out front, placed so that when they fire that thing up the oak smoke catches the breeze and wafts for blocks down the street. Follow your nose like a cartoon character to windowsill pie and snag one of their outstanding tri-tip sandwiches, with some killer spicy salsa to dump on top as you go. And if you want to pick up some fine wine while you’re here without leaving this laid-back cowboy ethos, slide down the street to the winery Herman Story, the home of big-bodied roughneck reds, and some damn good wine too.
How to order: Walk-ins only.

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