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Curaleaf has an almost-on-the-Strip location less than a block away from The Strat on Las Vegas Boulevard—plus a drive-thru window for added convenience. Curaleaf also took over the former Acres dispensary on Western Avenue, giving the space a full remodel with a modern look. Either way, you'll get a broad selection of products including the house Select brand, which introduced "nano-technology" in the new X-Bites edible products for the THC to hit the bloodstream in a faster and more consistent manner. Select Squeeze is an infused liquid that can be added to your drink of choice. The company also has a conscience. Sales of B NOBLE prerolls (named after Bernard Noble, sentenced to 13 years for carrying two joints) are directed toward social justice efforts.
How to order: Drive-thru is open 8 am-3 am. The company makes a point to get customers who order online in and out quickly.

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