Da-Wa: Joseph’s Sushi and Ramen

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With just 16 seats right near the entrance of the Girard MFL stop on Front Street, Dawa quickly became a coveted foodie spot in Fishtown thanks to fresh ingredients and a whole lot of care. In addition to trying the homemade dumplings and duck bao buns, consider treating yourself to the 22-course omakase special, available by appointment for $125 per person.
How to book: Walk in or call 215-278-7671 to reserve

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For a delicious array of sushi, poke, and of course, ramen, Dawa is your go-to spot in Fishtown. Although the sushi menu at this restaurant tends to get more buzz, the ramen menu is equally satisfying, with soyu, cha shu, and vegetarian ramen, each made lovingly with seasonal ingredients.

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