Di Fara Pizza
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Di Fara Pizza


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New York
Sep 28

The 21 Best Pizza Restaurants in Brooklyn

Serving pizza by the slice since 1965, Di Fara is considered the gold standard for a classic NYC slice. This legendary shop (the team now operates two additional), owned and operated by Domenico De Marco, excels in round and square pies topped with high quality ingredients from Italy. And while De Marco has tweaked his recipes over the years, and allows much of his pizza-making to be dictated by feel rather than a strict recipe, he has continued to maintain the reputation as serving the city’s best slice. Interestingly, De Marco prepares and fires his dough the same day it’s made (no long ferment), and he tops pies with a tomato sauce blend made from raw Italian whole peeled tomatoes and a cooked tomato purée. Hand-torn mozzarella and Parmesan add richness, salt, and a touch of umami.

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