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Not only does this brick-walled dive boast a regular lineup of popular indie musicians on the local and national scale, it's also home to the legendary sandwich to end all bar food: the chicken and waffle club. Nestled between two thick waffles is a piece of fried chicken (one that strikes the perfect balance between moist and crispy), generously topped with incendiary house-made hot sauce. It's what makes The World Famous famous, at least in greater Atlanta, although the rest of the menu is solid too (biscuits and Bloody Mary's at brunch? Don't mind if we do). Signature cocktails are served in Mason jars for optimum Instagram-ability; all of them are boozy, fruit-forward, and delicious, but we suggest you opt for the standout "Maui Wowie," made with white rum, Midori, pineapple, and cream.

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Nestled in historic Downtown Athens, this eccentric entertainment venue is home to local comedians, musicians, and friends. However, we don’t really care about that, as it’s also home to the world-famous Chicken and Waffle Club. It boasts crispy fried chicken sandwiched between two waffles doused in hot sauce, and served over a bed of fries. Supplement it with one of the signature craft cocktails -- like the Maui Wowie -- for the complete Athens experience.

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