Rum Trader Berlin
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Rum Trader

Rum Trader

Fasanenstr. 40

Berlin, 10719

If there’s one item of clothing Berlin speakeasy Rum Trader gets you in the mood for, it’s a waistcoat. That’s because the tiny Berlin Bar is run by Gregor Scholl dons the old-fashioned uniform each and every day, and he is ready to mix up an inimitable elixir for you (perhaps as a reward for finding the place). Opened in the 70s, the speakeasy’s less-than-hip location in Charlottenberg is actually its saving grace, for it maintains all the untouched charm that it did decades ago. But leave your pickiness at the door; the only say you’ll have in the whole drinks matter is whether you’re looking for something “süss oder sauer,” sweet or sour.