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The smaller sibling of Dallas' Double Wide is covered in kitsch as only the best dive bars are, sporting plenty of taxidermy and using the drinks of your childhood, such as Tang and Yoohoo, as mixers. No, really: order the fan-favorite Yoohoo Yeehaw that's mixed with Yoohoo, vanilla vodka, and coffee liqueur. It's practically a crime to stop in to this grungy spot and not try one. The bartenders here are as friendly as the crowd that packs this slim, wood-laden space until 2am every night of the week.

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When you’re in the Lowest Greenville Avenue entertainment district, you’ll find lots of bars and restaurants, but the diviest spot among them is Single Wide, a tiny hole-in-the-wall and rowdy little sister of Double Wide. The signature cocktail list, like any younger sibling, mimics that of its older kin, including a standout spinoff of the classics to end all classics, the Old Fashioned. One sip of their Old Timer, and you’ll start contemplating adding Tang powdered orange drink to all your craft cocktails—the surest way to prevent taking anything too seriously.

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