Motor City Sports Bar, Hamtramck
Kevin Alexander/Thrillist
Kevin Alexander/Thrillist

Motor City Sports Bar

Sports Bar

Motor City is the definition of a dive bar: no front windows, dark interior, a pool table, and genuinely good, cheaply priced comfort foods that you order from a folded, laminated menu. The fairly limited options range from more common sandwiches like a BLT to pita sandwiches like gyros, Chevapi (European sausage that is cooked to optimal juiciness), and really greasy burgers. Our favorite thing to eat while we, and the staff, sit at the bar, pop a domestic, and watch the game is the Bacon, Mushroom & Swiss Burger because it has a good balance between sweet, tangy swiss cheese and crispy, salty bacon … plus you can’t beat the taste of intermingled mushroom and burger juice that soaks the bun.

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