Peruvian Restaurant

Seafood reigns at this Chelsea hotspot. Helmed by chef Erren Nathaniel (of Nikkei and Viajante fame), the market-driven menu draws inspiration from Peruvian cuisine, blending bold flavors with regional offerings. While the fish entrées (each daily catch sourced fresh from Cornwall) prove wholly satisfying, the small plates boast vibrant and varied flavors, with highlights including fried aubergine (with plantain miso and toasted pecans for crunch, striking the perfect balance of savory and sweet), sea bass ceviche with orange tiger's milk, and blackened octopus (served with confit potato, sundried tomato chimichurri, and cauliflower). The industrial-chic lighting, gleaming white backsplashes, and an immaculate marble bartop make for an airy, chic interior, but the outdoor terrace proves equally as lovely on warmer evenings. If you're lucky enough to have gotten a coveted reservation and table in the first place, it's a blessing either way.

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