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San Gabriel
Japanese Restaurant

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With walls adorned with faded family pictures of trips to Japan and a stacked bookshelf of worn-out manga, walking into Ducks feels like walking into someone’s home. Located in San Gabriel, this unassuming family-owned restaurant has been around since 1995 and made a name for itself serving classic Japanese comfort foods. While Ducks is famous for its set meals with gleaming bowls of udon noodles and crispy tempura, it also boasts a mean plate of Japanese-style meat sauce spaghetti, made with thin spaghetti noodles imported straight from Japan. Duck’s meat sauce is made from scratch, stewed with a sweetness that is typical of Japanese-style bolognese sauce. The result is a perfectly portioned plate of bouncy ramen-like spaghetti noodles dressed in an addictive salty-sweet tomato meat sauce.
How to order: Walk in or order online for pickup.

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