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Spread across a a full square block near East 11th and Lydia street, this vibrant food truck hub strewn with murals and a whopping ten or so game-changing kitchens bound to satisfy the whole crew. The unique lineup includes the island-style Tony’s Jamaican Food, Detroit-inspired Delray Cafe inside Nickel City, Micklethwait Craft Meats’ Texas-style barbecue, Cosmic Taco for “out of this world” tacos, and the aptly titled vegan joint, Community Vegan.

Must-try food: Delray Cafe’s double slider with cheese ($5.43), stacked with twin patties and grilled onions on a steamed bun, is a carnivore’s dream, while Micklethwait Craft Meats’ Brisket Frito Pie ($13.50) nips at its meaty heels. Elsewhere, Community Vegan’s handspun dairy-free shake ($9) and Beer Battered Cauli Chikn Sandwich ($14.25) stand in confidently for the animal-based originals.

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