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This sleek Japanese izakaya, or pub, offers a magazine-sized menu full of unique, exquisite sushi rolls, sashimi, skewers, and rice & noodle dishes that will impress everyone from sushi snobs to those who get fish at Kroger. Any of the gulf-sourced seafood offerings will impress with their freshness, but the silky, spicy yellowfin jalapeño roll, smoky chicken wings, and spiced edamame are the standouts. And to further whet your appetite, the bar service includes beer and wine, and has a focus on soju, sake, and Japanese whiskey beverages.

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We all know sushi is delicious, but it gets less credit for being equally aesthetically pleasing. If you’re interested in going to a restaurant that treats sushi like a work of art, head over to Brush. In addition to its logo literally having a paint stroke incorporated into it, the Decatur restaurant’s menu looks just as good as it tastes. Brush specializes in authentic ramen and chef-driven sushi omakase, and while its ramen, bao, and small plates are definitely worth trying, its 11-, 14-, and 20-course sushi bar experience is the perfect place to get familiar with Brush’s culinary artistry.

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