Vinaigrette Austin
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Salad Place

So, occasionally one’s body will crave fresh, light food to counter one’s pizza/taco/burger tendencies. This is where Vinaigrette comes in. They have a menu of lunch and dinner salads that are actually delicious; Greek, Asian,Cobb, savory, sweet and everything in between. We’re digging the La Pepita (Chopped green kale with shredded chicken, black beans, cojita cheese, avocado, spicy pumpkin seeds, lemon-cumin vinaigrette). And because Vinaigrette understand Austin’s “I’m-so-healthy-give-me-all-the-Via-313” paradox, they have cocktails...with superfood ingredients. Try the turmeric mimosas, gin & tonic with added chlorophyll, and a kale-based bloody called the Kale Mary (among many more equally cool concoctions!)