Mamma Gee’s Takeout

African Restaurant

Residents of Biddleville get a small window into West Africa in this take-out spot owned and operated by a Ghanan family. Get ready for rice, and lots off it: served under fried chicken drumsticks, swimming in tomato stew, alongside black-eyed beans and providing a bed for kelewele (chunks of sweet and spicy fried plantains). Tilapia are grilled whole and topped with tomatoes, green peppers and onions and peanut soup comes with hunks of goat meat. American diners can depart from the familiar with Ghanan staple banku, a smooth white paste made from fermented corn and cassava dough that is served in fist-sized wads. Most are comfortable with a turkey dinner, but here you can experience a different part of the bird: tsoofie (turkey tails) are all the rage.

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