Chinese food dumplings buns
Ruth Tobias/Thrillist
Ruth Tobias/Thrillist

Peking Mandarin Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

Regulars come from all over Chicago to nosh on unique and spicy Korean-Chinese fusion at Peking Mandarin, an unassuming corner restaurant just a few blocks west of the Kimball-Brown Line stop. Traveling to the end of the line is more than worth it for dishes like spicy seafood noodles, sweet & sour pork, and lollipop chicken wings, which are crispy, fatty, and covered in a spicy, sticky sauce. The space itself is unfussy and casual, offering lots of linoleum tabletops, diner-style bar seating with a view of colorful Asian knick-knacks, and plenty of black banquette booths to get cozy in with all of this comforting fare.

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