Rethink your burger-and-beer conception of what a gastropub is: Lakewood's Yuzu delivers an Izakaya-style (translating to "casual tavern") Japanese version to diners, and does it with a sense of fun. Skewered meats, rice bowls, ramen and signature bento boxes (filled with panko-crusted fries, fried chicken or cauliflower, a dessert and a cream ale) are served alonside cocktails with cute names like 3 am Snap Stories (tequila, coconut rum, pineapple, allspice, blue curacao) and Straight Outta Pinterest (cognac, sake, peach, blue curacao, lemonade, Swedish fish). The casual dining room, with artwork of rising suns and a silly lamp that looks like a giant ball of sea anemones keeps up the light-heartedness. There's even a menu for dogs (Fido will have the tenderlion, please) that can be enjoyed on the pet-friendly patio.