Cleburne Cafeteria


Traditionally, cafeteria-style food is not particularly sought after, but Cleburne Cafeteria is serving up a whole new breed of the stuff. The restaurant, founded in 1941, has served as a local favorite for decades -- it is one of the only remaining classic eateries of its kind. But by cafeteria, the restaurant certainly does not mean sloppy joe's or frozen chicken patties. Instead, it serves daily meats -- prime ribs, poached salmon, baked ham -- along with an enormous selection of produce-heavy dishes, salads, and pastas. In-house bakers send out an enormous selection of desert options daily, in addition to baking fresh rolls, cornbread, and muffins every thirty minutes on the dot. Like the food, seating is plentiful, and the dining room is open and sunny. As far as cafeterias go, Cleburne's is certainly nothing like school lunch.