Kuma Burgers

Burger Joint
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Kuma Burgers

3 Greenway Plz

Houston, TX 77046

Office building Greenway Plaza is hiding some of the best burgers in Houston, all thanks to Kuma Burger, the brainchild of former Oxheart chef Willet Fang. The 5oz, wide yet thin, never-frozen patties are slung onto the flat-top grill where they are slathered with an umami glaze of browned butter, soy, pureed shitake mushroom, roasted garlic, and Worcestershire before they can finally relax atop their Sheila Partin sweet sourdough rolls. Your fun begins when you select your combination of toppings (choose from cheese, veggies, kimchi relish, seared spam, guacamole, and others) your smudgy fingerprint on the greasy sandwich. Too hesitant to take the plunge? Order a tried and true chef-designed creation like the SPICY!!!, served with fresh, charred, and pickled jalapenos, sambal mayo, pepper jack cheese, and soy-marinated serrano chilies.