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4721 N Main St Ste M

Houston, TX 77009

Morningstar is making donuts cool again. While Boston cream and strawberry-frosted donuts have lost their luster, Morningstar, the brainchild of top bakers and baristas from Houston's own Greenway Coffee and Blacksmith's, is creating something a little different. These donuts are matcha-iced, honey glazed, and pomegranate cream filled. They are served with pork sausage and brisket, and filled with corn pudding. The non-donut fare at Morningstar is equally inventive, with smoked pork over popcorn polenta, or brisket kolache with raspberry sauce. And if donuts are not your cup of tea (which is weird), you can have an actual cup of loose-leaf herbal tea or some grade-A single origin coffee in the trendy little Heights cafe' instead.