The Harlequin Pub


Named for a commedia dell’arte archetype popular in the thespian circuit in the 18th and 19th centuries, a hooligan jester of physical comedy, The Harlequin in historic Clerkenwell is located behind Sadler’s Wells theatre. The pub has been slinging ales and lagers in some form since 1848, when it was a neighbor to gem-cutting and ivory-working studios (when that was still a socially acceptable thing to do). The facade dates to 1894, one of the few remaining on the block, so you’re kind of walking into history when you stop in to the rustic, wood-paneled hole for a pour from the notable malt-whiskey collection. Board games in frayed boxes (don’t judge, you’re probably frayed, too) entertain, as does a weekly quiz game (£1 to enter, starts at 8pm on Mon) when a round of drinks for you and your team is on the line (incentive enough, methinks).