Cake Monkey Bakery Los Angeles
Danny Jensen

Cake Monkey Bakery

Los Angeles
Cake Monkey Bakery

7807 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90036

You may have seen and stuffed your face with Cake Monkey's famed, addictive mini-cakewiches sold in specialty stores. Well, you can get them at this brick-and-mortar spot, too, where Pastry Chef Elizabeth Belkind is whipping up insanely tasty treats like mini-layer cakes, pop pies (basically grown-up Pop-Tarts), cookie sandwiches filled with ganache or buttercream, and El Rollos (upgraded Ho Hos). You'll also find scrumptious pies inside this bright pink bakery, like cherry almond and cider-roasted apple with a double cheddar crust. Vegans and gluten-free snackers rejoice: there are versions of treats and breakfast items that suit your diet here, including a chocolate hazelnut babka and a bacon cheddar scone.