Choi Ga Nei

Los Angeles
Korean Restaurant
Choi Ga Nei

3916 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90010

Choi Ga Nei, an AYCE KBBQ (acronyms for days) joint in Koreatown, is perhaps the only one of its kind to be as infamous for its sizzling, buttery meat cuts as it is for its flashy, club-banging rendition of Happy Birthday. Your personal grill will come complete with a basin of soybean paste stew to be refilled throughout the night, which will surely enable the chewy, meaty goodness you’re devouring to slide down your throat. If you’re so lucky to come to this casual spot on the anniversary your birth, Cho Ga Nei will have you feeling like a star, not only because the large seafood, vegetable, and meat platters just keep on coming, but also because the restaurant’s lights flash like paparazzi and an arguably bizarre version of Happy Birthday blares over the sound system. If this doesn’t sound like a K-party to you, we’re not sure what will.