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Los Angeles

2314 S Union Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90007

There's a few reasons why Ebaes has such broad appeal. First, the food menu is expansive: you could opt for the tapas route, and feast on a selection of light fare like pork gyoza, edamame, wontons, sashimi, or traditional sushi rolls; or you could go for a heaping, wholly satisfying bowl of ramen (pro tip: regulars rave over the spicy pork tonkotsu) -- whatever you decide, the Japanese comfort food here is simply good. Second is the quirky ambience, which likely accounts for the varied clientele (USC students, or neighborhood locals who err on the hipster side), as the dining room boasts both traditional paper lanterns, a manga-esque wall mural of various animals amidst cherry blossom trees -- oh, and the bathrooms are decked out with Hello Kitty fliers and photos of Channing Tatum in the Magic Mike years. That too.