GD Bro Burger

Burger Joint
GD Bro Burger

2313 E 4th St

Santa Ana, CA 92705

GD Bro Burger -- the GD stands for "globally delicious" -- quite literally stands out among the saturated landscape of fast-casual burger chains in southern California. For one, the food truck-turned-brick-and-mortar spot makes a specialty red bun that gets its bright hue and slightly sweet flavor from raspberries. The patty, toppings, and sauce combinations sandwiched between each bun are inspired by Italian, Mexican, and Korean cuisines, like the Italian Stallion, which comes topped with fried mozzarella sticks and pizza sauce. Then there are the picture-perfect milkshakes, served in Mason jars and topped with Oreos, Cap'n Crunch, red velvet crumbs, and so much more.