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The family who owns Islas Canarias doesn’t shy away from being a one trick pony. While the entire menu at this Westchester Cuban emporium is solid, it recently rebranded itself as “Croqueta County” since it’s the consensus pick of pretty much everyone from Cutler Bay to Aventura as having the best croquetas in Miami. While we’ll stop short of saying they’re worth crawling through rush hour traffic to SW 137th Ave. to try, if you find yourself out west make a point to stop in. Or, if you're sitting in left field at Marlins Park thinking, “Boy, I could go for a croqueta,” they’re conveniently located over AutoNation Alley.
How to book: Stop in for first-come, first served seating.

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It would seem almost criminal to drive all the way out to a place largely regarded as boasting the county’s best croquetas, and not order the Croquetas. But if downing a whole side of them seems just a bit much, Islas Canarias also offers Miami’s own version of the Pittsburger, with croquetas served inside a Cuban sandwich. Cubano purists, don’t lose your mind—Islas has the classic on deck, too, plus a pretty solid Medianoche if you’re feeling frisky.
How to book: Stop by for first-come, first-served seating or order take-out via ChowNow.

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