Paradigm Kitchen



From the founder of Jugo Fresh, Paradigm Kitchen is a health-focused, organic restaurant in Sunset Harbour. The restaurant serves nutrient-rich breakfast and lunch dishes, many of which are tailored to Paleo, vegan, and gluten-free diets -- but you wouldn’t know it if we didn’t tell you. The poutine here is arguably the healthiest you’ll find, made with sweet potato fries, cashew gravy, and avocado (if that's still considered poutine is up to you). Take the gluten-free route at dessert with the Stoner’s Delight: a square of vegan banana bread drizzled with almond butter, chocolate sauce, caramelized banana, and granola. As you’d expect, there’s no alcohol here, so enjoy cold-pressed juices and mock cocktails (try the Turmeric Fizz) instead. Do your body good at Paradigm Kitchen, because it’s always beach season in Miami.

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