Tony Chan's Miami
Courtesy of Tony Chan's Water Club

Tony Chan's Water Club

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Tony Chan's Water Club

1717 N Bayshore Dr

Miami, FL 33132

Judging by Tony Chan’s decidedly sterile appearance (white tablecloths, black lacquered high-back chairs, and sparse decoration), you likely wouldn’t guess that the Edgewater restaurant is a destination for some of the most authentic Cantonese cuisine in the city, and not a banquet hall primed for your theoretical (read: imaginary) future wedding. Here, you can get Peking duck (it’s served in two courses), three-cup braised chicken -- an aromatic concoction of chicken breast, basil, and heady sauce -- and yu pan quail -- Ching dynasty Emperor Chien-Long’s favorite dish with bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and lettuce leaves -- in addition to less mysterious dishes like General Tso’s chicken. Before your meal arrives, you might be able to spot its preparation through the windows that overlook the kitchen. But be sure to smile because the chefs inside can see you too.