Mon Vieil Ami

French Restaurant
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Mon Vieil Ami

69 rue Saint-Louis-en-l'Ile

Paris, 75004

At Mon Vieil Ami, you have permission to embrace your inner adult and admit that you actually like veggies. The bistro boasts French home-style cooking that emphasizes leafy (and un-leafy) greens in all forms, from compotes and confits to raw plates and cooked dishes. Meat and fish play supporting roles in this all-star cast of herbivorous delight, and to taste the full spectrum of flavors offered at Mon Vieil Ami we recommend you get the tartar of tomatoes, zucchinis, and olives, with basil vinaigrette and roasted sea breams filet. While you might not have someone to spoon-feed you your verdures, you will feel very much at home in this cozy, dimly lit restaurant that sports plush velvet Amaretto-colored curtains and banquette seating.